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If you sink a "Hole In One" we'd love to hear about it!

Email a picture of you on the green to our email- and then stop in the clubhouse to fill out a paper that we will forward to the Altoona Mirror so you can be featured!

Congratulations to the following golfers for their

"Hole In One" in 2022

2022 Hole In Ones!

Frank O'Dellick

When- June 16, 2022

What Hole-#6 from the Green Tees- 125 yards

Club Used- 8 Iron

Who was with you- Mike O'Dellick, John Graham, & Stan Shura

This Hole-In-One was your- 1st

Wesley Furry

When- August 28, 2022

What Hole-#2 from the Blue Tees- 185 yards

Club Used- 8 Iron

Who was with you- Dakota McClucas & Nate Sell

This Hole-In-One was your- 2nd

Rick Massaro

When- May 20, 2022

What Hole-#16 

Club Used- 7 Iron

Who was with you- Anthony Vellone & John Vellone

This hole in one was your- ​5th (1st at King Valley)