You can still see some of the old roads and paths, if you look closely off to the left when teeing off on hole #3, and in the small wooded areas between holes #4 and #5 and between holes #5 and #7. These paths are the original road that traveled from King to Queen before the current "Ridge Road" was constructed. The original road, Brad said was the road that Civil War troops left for war on. 

The old cabin next to the tees on hole #4 was originally built by the son of the landowner prior to the Knisely's.

Ben's son, Brad, built our clubhouse along with Casey, and is always the first to build or fix something around the course. He can also usually be found out on the course, in a tractor or mower. He and the grounds crew are out before daybreak, making our course beautiful.

Shari, the youngest of the Knisely children, can be found in the clubhouse ready to greet you with a smile, as well as being King Valley's personal accountant and manages payroll.

Brian's wife, Diane, also works in the clubhouse full time, and is always up to something, really keeping the clubhouse running smoothly. Diane is the calendar keeper, making sure all of our tournaments are scheduled, private outings are planned, and answers all of the many questions that come up. 

Grandsons, Casey and Tyler, are also here full time and are stepping into roles of the next generation. Casey is always around working on our landscaping. Brian's baby on the course, were his greens, and since his passing, Casey (Brian's son) has now taken that role, and is working on them as early as 6:00am, but has been known to stay well past dark, to make sure they are up to his dad's standards. He's a jack of all trades, fixing equipment and carts and repairing just about anything that comes up.

Tyler (pictured with his Mom, Shari, and new wife, Tia), graduated from Allegheny College of Maryland with a Hospitality Management with a focus in Golf. Because of this, Tyler has a hand in all areas of the course, from grounds keeping to organizing tournaments and helping run the Monday Night League. He's also won both titles (Club Championship and MNL) several times. Tyler grew up here, and his mother, Shari, has said that Tyler's been swinging a club since not long after learning to walk. 

Throughout the years, spouses, all of the Knisely grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and other family members, have all spent time at King Valley; making it a true "small family business". 

Happy New Year! We'd like to thank all of you for making 2021 a huge success here at KVGC. We are looking forward to making more memories with in 2022!.

*Information gathered from the Knisely family members and newspaper articles

History of the Course

and the Knisely Family

King Valley Golf Club

132 King Valley Ln, Imler, Pennsylvania 16655


King Valley Golf Course opened the original 9 holes on May 1, 1999, on the former farming grounds of Ben and Donna Knisely (pictured). The original plan was to have 9 holes available until the 5th year, where they then planned to open the second 9 holes. After opening, the quickly learned that they needed to start construction immediately and in the spring of 2000, the second half of the course was opened. 

King Valley is set on 370 acres of dairy farm, where the Knisely family had over 100 milking cows at a time. The family called in golf professional, Frank Kiraly, for assistance in designing the layout of the course, and before we knew it, King Valley was born.

Being a dairy farming family, the Knisely's were no stranger to hard work, and after 22 years,  they're still making King Valley the perfect spot for locals and travelers alike.

Unfortunately, we lost Ben in August of 2014 and his son, Brian (pictured in cart), just this season in August of 2021. Although they are both missed severely, we know that the passion they had for not only the sport of golf but the pride that they held for King Valley, is something that will not be so easily taken away. They left behind years of knowledge and love for the next generation and the generations to come.