King Valley Golf Course Rules

Appropriate golf attire is required at all times.  No tank top or sleeveless shirts permitted.

Each golfer must have their own set of golf clubs, golf bag, soft spike shoes/sneakers.  No metal spikes or heeled shoes permitted.

Foursomes have priority.  Singles and twosomes may be paired up by the discretion of the starter or King Valley staff.

No groups of 5 permitted without permission.

Slower players must invite faster groups to play through.  If any player or group is holding up play, they will have to pick up their ball and catch up with the group in front of them.

Time to play 9holes: 2 hours or less. 18holes: 4 hours or less.

‚ÄčAny players or groups that are disruptive to the course or other players will be forced to leave.

Pull-carts must keep off tees & green collars.

Handicap flags may get closer in front of greens only (30 feet)  No par 3's!

Only 2 players and 2 bags per cart.  No exception.  You must be at least 16 years old and have a drivers license to operate golf carts.

Carts must remain on cart paths (all 4 wheels) on ALL par 3's, around all greens, and tees, and out ropped off areas.  Carts must exit the fairway at all green fairway cart signs.